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Rejection of volunteer for redundancy letter

Rejection of volunteer for redundancy letterIf you have invited applications for voluntary redundancy as part of your redundancy consultation procedure, you don't have to accept everyone who applies and you can still revert to compulsory redundancy if... Read more

Notification of potential redundancy meeting

Notification of potential redundancy meetingThe law on termination of employment can differ according to how long the employee has worked for you. For employees with short service, termination on the ground of redundancy can be relatively straightfor... Read more

Acceptance of volunteer for redundancy letter

Acceptance of volunteer for redundancy letterEmployees who volunteer and are accepted for redundancy are still regarded in law as having been dismissed, i.e. they have not resigned. This means you must still continue to follow a fair redundancy proce... Read more

Second redundancy consultation letter

Second redundancy consultation letterWhen contemplating making an employee redundant, you will first need to enter into a period of individual consultation, which will involve arranging a series of meetings with the employee to discuss your proposal ... Read more

Objection to early departure on redundancy

Objection to early departure on redundancyOur notice of objection enables you to challenge an employee's right to a statutory redundancy payment where they propose to leave your employment prematurely on redundancy before their notice period has expir... Read more

Counter-notice to notice of intention to claim a redundancy payment letter

Counter-notice to notice of intention to claim a redundancy payment letterWhere an employee has been laid off or put on short time working, after a period of time it's possible for them to try and claim a statutory redundancy payment.  The procedure ... Read more

Offer of alternative work

Offer of alternative workUse our form to offer alternative employment to an employee whose job has been identified as redundant. This is an essential part of a fair consultation procedure, assuming, of course, that there is alternative work available... Read more

Redundancy selection assessment

Redundancy selection assessmentWhen choosing redundancy selection criteria, you need to ensure they're objectively chosen and then fairly applied. Our selection criteria document is aimed at helping you with the first part of this and then our redunda... Read more

Letter withdrawing redundancy notice due to change of circumstances

Letter withdrawing redundancy notice due to change of circumstancesYou have a duty to continue to seek work for an employee served with notice of redundancy right up until the date their employment terminates. Sometimes, there might be a change in yo... Read more

Notification of redundancy appeal meeting

Notification of redundancy appeal meetingAn employee has no statutory right to appeal against a redundancy dismissal. However, it's preferable still to give the employee an opportunity to appeal as part of an overall fair dismissal procedure. Use our ... Read more
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