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Staff discounts policy

Staff discounts policyIf you run a shop or a retail sales business and you want to offer your employees a staff discount on the goods and products you sell, use our staff discounts policy for this purpose. It's common to give discounts in the region o... Read more

Induction policy

Induction policyUse our induction policy alongside our induction checklist to ensure you have everything covered when a new employee starts work. You can also use it for newly-promoted employees and those who have transferred from a different work lo... Read more

Timekeeping policy

Timekeeping policyIt's important that employees turn up to work on time, don't take excessively long breaks and don't leave work early, unless this has been expressly permitted. Our timekeeping policy statement sets out your rules and regulations regard... Read more

Corporate hospitality policy

Corporate hospitality policyOur corporate hospitality policy helps you monitor client entertainment given or received. The Bribery Act 2010 doesn't ban corporate hospitality but you do need to ensure you're properly monitoring and limiting it to what i... Read more

Birthdays policy

Birthdays policyUse our birthdays policy if you want to permit your employees to take their birthday off work as an additional day's leave outside the normal annual leave provisions. This can be a useful motivational tool. It's best to keep it separate... Read more

Stress at work policy

Stress at work policyUse our statement to set out your policy on stress at work and the procedure that will be followed to alleviate the cause or causes of work-related stress. It also provides for you to offer a professional stress counselling servi... Read more

Enhanced redundancy payments policy

Enhanced redundancy payments policyIf you want to provide for enhanced redundancy pay (ERP), it's useful to have a policy setting out how the payment will be calculated.  It's better to ensure that you base it on the statutory redundancy payments (SRP... Read more

Satisfactory probationary period letter

Satisfactory probationary period letterUse our satisfactory probationary period letter to confirm an employee's successful completion of their probationary period. If the employee was subject to a lesser notice period during probation, make sure they ... Read more

Extension of probationary period letter

Extension of probationary period letterWhere a probationary employee is not achieving the standards of performance or conduct that you expect, you might wish to consider extending their probationary period. In this case, you will first need to check ... Read more

Letter advising social media will be disregarded

Letter advising social media will be disregardedIt's becoming increasingly popular for job applicants to put website links to their social media profiles on their CVs or on job application forms. In order to avoid discrimination allegations, use our l... Read more
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