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Time off for jury service letter

Time off for jury service letterUse our letter confirming time off for jury service to set out the position on pay during their absence. Be aware that you should grant time off for jury service or you risk being in contempt of court.Juries Act 1974Un... Read more

Principal designer assessment checklist

Principal designer assessment checklistFor construction projects involving more than one contractor, clients must appoint a principal designer. Our checklist will help you to appoint a firm or individual with the right attributes.Competency checksWhe... Read more

Work equipment - safe system of work - abrasive wheels

Work equipment - safe system of work - abrasive wheelTo ensure that your staff follow prescribed safe systems of work, you should use a formal procedure. This document sets out how an abrasive wheel should be used; for example, how the risks associat... Read more

Construction/refurbishment fire safety checklist

Construction/refurbishment fire safety checklistHaving the builders in can lead to increased fire risks that adversely affect your fire safety provision. Why not counter this by using a construction/refurbishment fire safety checklist?Managing pre-cons... Read more

Stress self-assessment checklist

Stress self-assessment checklistIf a member of staff tells you that they're suffering with mental health problems caused by their work, evaluate the possible causes in an objective manner. Use our checklist to do this.InvestigationWith our Stress - Se... Read more

TUPE provision of proposed measures letter

TUPE provision of proposed measures letterIf you're the transferee in a TUPE transfer situation, you must provide the transferor with information about what measures you intend to take in relation to affected employees who are to transfer to your empl... Read more

GDPR letter notifying personal data breach

GDPR letter notifying personal data breachAs well as notifying the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), certain personal data breaches must also be notified to affected data subjects. Your notification to them must, as a minimum, describe the natu... Read more

Letter enclosing Form SSP1

Letter enclosing Form SSP1You must provide Form SSP1 to an employee when their SSP is coming, or has come, to an end as the information you give on it will help the government to decide on the employee's benefit claim. If you know in advance that the ... Read more
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