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Work equipment - routine inspection report

Work equipment - routine inspection reportIt's common practice, especially in construction, to have a log book for routine work equipment inspections. Use our report to record the outcome.The lawThe Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998... Read more

Metalworking fluid record form

Metalworking fluid record formMetalworking fluid (MWF) can deteriorate over time and cause ill health so you need to check and refresh it frequently. Use our record form to keep a note of your weekly and daily programme of inspection.What's covered?To... Read more

Flow chart - cleaning a water-mix MWF system

Flow chart - cleaning a water-mix MWF systemMetalworking fluid (MWF) is used to lubricate and cool equipment and workpieces during machining, but whilst doing so it also generates a mist which is potentially harmful. Use our flow chart to keep this t... Read more

Metalworking fluids maintenance checklist

Metalworking fluids maintenance checklistMetalworking fluids (MWFs) are used to cool and lubricate work pieces when machining but they can cause ill health if not properly maintained. Use our checklist to control the risks.What's the problem?Exposure ... Read more

Employee vibration log

Employee vibration logUsing hand-held powered equipment transfers vibration to the hands, wrists and arms, and can cause hand-arm vibration syndrome. To control the risk keep a record of exposure. Completing itThe form is designed to be completed on ... Read more

Power operated door log

Power operated door logUse our document to create a record which proves that your power operated door is being properly maintained.Responsible managementThe Power Operated Door Log provides a record of what was done, when and why, along with any outs... Read more

Safety-critical equipment register and record of checks

Safety-critical equipment register and record of checksIf you have safety-critical equipment, you need to consider what happens when it goes missing or gets broken. Use our forms to ensure you have it covered.What's safety critical?There may be some i... Read more

Lift plan

Lifting planIf you're taking charge of lifting operations, you need to draw up a written plan which identifies how the activity is going to be completed safety. This can be achieved by completing our lifting plan.    Potentially riskyCranes do a go... Read more

Flow chart - introducing work equipment

Flow chart - introducing work equipmentYou have carefully chosen a new piece of equipment for your business. What are you legally required to do when introducing it into the workplace? Our flow chart explains the action to take.How does it work?Our F... Read more

Flow chart - work equipment selection

Flow chart - work equipment selectionWhen choosing new equipment, particularly if it's powered machinery, you need to ensure it's suited to your environment and meets all the required standards. Follow our flow chart to ensure you get it right.How does... Read more
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