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Time off for jury service letter

Time off for jury service letterUse our letter confirming time off for jury service to set out the position on pay during their absence. Be aware that you should grant time off for jury service or you risk being in contempt of court.Juries Act 1974Un... Read more

TUPE provision of proposed measures letter

TUPE provision of proposed measures letterIf you're the transferee in a TUPE transfer situation, you must provide the transferor with information about what measures you intend to take in relation to affected employees who are to transfer to your empl... Read more

GDPR letter notifying personal data breach

GDPR letter notifying personal data breachAs well as notifying the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), certain personal data breaches must also be notified to affected data subjects. Your notification to them must, as a minimum, describe the natu... Read more

Letter enclosing Form SSP1

Letter enclosing Form SSP1You must provide Form SSP1 to an employee when their SSP is coming, or has come, to an end as the information you give on it will help the government to decide on the employee's benefit claim. If you know in advance that the ... Read more

Fixed-term contract clause

Fixed-term contract clauseWhen you wish to set up a fixed-term contract with an employee that's to come to an end on a specified date or when a specific project or task is completed, you will need to insert a clause into their written statement of emp... Read more

Listening to music policy

Listening to music policyOur policy prohibits staff from listening to music at work without your prior permission, whether this is personally or publicly. You'll need a public performance licence, called TheMusicLicence, if you permit music to be play... Read more

Extension of flexible working decision period

Extension of flexible working decision periodWhen an employee applies for flexible working, normally you must notify them of your decision within three months. However, you can agree with them to extend that period and use our letter to confirm this ... Read more

Letter rescheduling grievance meeting

Letter rescheduling grievance meetingUse our letter if you need to postpone a scheduled grievance meeting or if you're agreeing to an employee's own request to postpone. It's reasonable to reschedule either if you need to do so for business reasons or i... Read more

Invitation to absent employee to work-related event

Invitation to absent employee to work-related eventOur letter enables you to invite absent employees, such as those on long-term sick leave or maternity leave, to any work-related events. It sets out the details of the event but makes clear that the ... Read more

Withdrawal of resignation acceptance

Withdrawal of resignation acceptanceThere are a few reasons why an employee might want to withdraw their resignation and the law says you don't always have to accept that withdrawal. However, if you do, use our letter. It covers three situations. Impr... Read more
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