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Letter seeking agreement to flexible furlough

Letter seeking agreement to flexible furloughFrom 1 July 2020, you can ask furloughed employees to return to work part time but retain them on furlough for the remainder of their unworked usual hours. Use our letter to guide you through seeking their... Read more

Letter designating employee as flexibly furloughed

Letter designating employee as flexibly furloughedTo be eligible for a grant under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) where the employee returns to work part time, you must agree with them the flexible furloughing arrangement, confirm that a... Read more

Internal statement announcing new employee

Internal statement announcing new employeeBefore a new employee's agreed start date, it's worth announcing to your other staff that they've been appointed, and you can use our internal statement to do this.A positive impressionWhilst you don't have to fo... Read more

Letter to confirm parental bereavement leave

Letter to confirm parental bereavement leaveWhere an employee has given you informal notice that they're taking parental bereavement leave following the death of their child under 18, or a stillbirth, you can follow this up with our letter.Informal no... Read more

Ecology checklist

Ecology checklistExternal construction work can have a significant impact on the local environment, particularly in the spring and summer. Use our checklist to review your working practices and ensure that your project avoids unnecessary damage.Using... Read more

Homeworking checklist

Homeworking checklistAdvances in technology and the coronavirus pandemic have led to an increase in staff working from home. Use our checklist to review the safety of the arrangements.Who's responsible?Although employees are responsible for many aspec... Read more

Cleaning business premises

Cleaning business premisesA good standard of cleaning protects all building users from hygiene hazards. Our risk assessment will help to ensure that your cleaning staff are protected while carrying out this essential work.The risks of cleaning workOu... Read more

Work equipment - safe system of work - TIG welding

Work equipment - safe system of work - TIG weldingThere are a number of safety considerations associated with completing welding operations. Our document details the risks and how to complete the job safely. DefinitionOur Work Equipment - Safe System... Read more

Tradespeople visiting homes

Safety briefing - tradespeople visiting homesWhen maintenance work is carried out in domestic properties workers must take precautions to deal with various hazards. Use our briefing to control the risks.Mobile staffFor those who carry out internal wo... Read more

Coronavirus - letter explaining control measures taken

Coronavirus - letter explaining control measures takenWhere you've implemented the government's COVID-19 Secure guidelines applicable to your type of workplace, it's worth writing to staff to reassure them about what control measures you've taken.Control... Read more
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