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Winter precautions checklist

Winter precautions checklistWinter brings many challenges, from slippery ice in the car park to heating breakdowns. Carry out a review and ensure you're prepared. That frosty feelingEach winter many businesses are caught out by accidents and inconveni... Read more

Traffic management plan

Traffic management planMany workplace accidents involve vehicles. To ensure pedestrians are kept safe, identify your safe routes on our traffic management plan. Behind the barriersAllowing people and vehicles in the same area is dangerous as there is... Read more

Pest monitoring record

Pest monitoring recordIf you have identified a risk of pest infestation within your premises, you need to undertake regular inspections. Use our form to record any pest-related sightings.Using the formWhether or not you have regular checks completed ... Read more

Alleged or suspected food poisoning incident form

Alleged or suspected food poisoning incident formIf you are accused of causing food poisoning, you'll need to gather information to defend your position. Use our form to do this effectively.Helpful in formationDo not admit liability at the time of the... Read more

Food complaint form

Food complaint formIf you receive a complaint about food you have sold, information must be gathered from the complainant and others. Use our form to do this effectively.Why is this important?Keeping track of a complaint involving contaminated food s... Read more

Weekly hot holding record

Weekly hot holding recordIf you are keeping food hot which you intend to sell or provide as part of a paid-for service, you have a legal duty to ensure it is safe. Use our form to record the food's core temperature during hot holding. Why is this impo... Read more

Use of ladders

Risk assessment - use of ladders Using ladders in the workplace can be dangerous. Accidents may involve falling from height, resulting in serious injuries and even death. Managing the risksTo help you identify the hazards associated with ladders and... Read more

Flow chart - undertaking a COSHH_assessment

Flow chart - undertaking a COSHH assessmentCompleting a COSHH assessment may seem daunting. Follow our flow chart to help you manage the process in a safe and professional way.How does it work?Following our Flow Chart - Undertaking a COSHH Assessment... Read more

Food delivery checklist - ready to eat foods

Food delivery checklist - ready-to-eat foodsIf you sell food or provide it as part of a service, you have a legal duty to ensure that it's safe. One of the actions you can take to fulfil this duty is to check the quality and safety of products you rec... Read more

Compliance audit - site

Compliance audit - siteIf you're managing construction works, you must ensure that the health and safety arrangements are up to scratch. You can check this using our form. In-depth checkAs construction works have significant risks associated with the... Read more
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