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Flow chart - identifying a confined space

Flow chart - Identifying a confined spaceThe definition of a confined space can easily be mistaken, leading either to unnecessary concern or a dangerously lax attitude. Our flow chart will help you get it right. Enclosed space?Our Flow Chart - Identi... Read more

Flow chart - Do you need a gas safety certificate

Flow chart - do you need a gas safety certificate?If you have natural gas appliances, you'll need to ensure that they are serviced, and where necessary, keep safety certificates up to date. Use our flow chart to check what's needed.LegislationThe legal... Read more

Food allergy checklist

Food allergy checklistHaving information about the food allergies affecting staff or service users enables you to implement risk reduction measures and prepare for an emergency. Use our form to gather initial information.AllergiesOur Food Allergy Che... Read more

Kitchen temperature quiz

Kitchen temperature quiz (England)To keep your customers safe, food handlers need a good understanding of the factors which could cause food poisoning. Use our quiz on hot and cold food temperatures to keep everyone safe.Vital ingredientTemperature c... Read more

Panic alarm test record

Panic alarm test recordIf you have panic alarms, you need to carry out regular testing to ensure that they are functioning correctly. Use our form to record your routine checks.Using our documentWe have designed our Panic Alarm Test Record so that it... Read more

Display screen equipment - workstation assessment

Display screen equipment (DSE) - workstation assessmentWhenever a new employee starts working with you or there are significant changes to the working environment, you should undertake a workstation assessment. You should also do this if an employee ... Read more

Gas cylinder storage checklist

Gas cylinder storage checklistAny gas cylinders on your site must be stored in a safe way.  Use our checklist to review your current arrangements and determine any improvements needed.What's the risk?Gas cylinders are hazardous regardless of the cont... Read more

Chopping board quiz

Chopping board quizTo ensure consumers are safe when eating food created in your kitchen, you must make sure staff use the correct chopping boards. Use our document to test their knowledge.The importance of colour codingChopping boards come in all di... Read more

Residential accommodation safety checklist

Residential accommodation safety checklistThis checklist is designed to allow the person with responsibility for residential accommodation to conduct a health and safety inspection of the premises.What to look atThis checklist covers all the main are... Read more

Winter precautions checklist

Winter precautions checklistWinter brings many challenges, from slippery ice in the car park to heating breakdowns. Carry out a review and ensure you're prepared. That frosty feelingEach winter many businesses are caught out by accidents and inconveni... Read more
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