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Flow chart - how to respond to a DSE assessment

Flow chart - how to respond to a DSE assessmentAfter a DSE assessment you may find that further actions are necessary. Follow our flow chart to ensure all appropriate steps are taken to reduce risks to your employees.Why use our document?Our document... Read more

Weekly hot holding record

Weekly hot holding recordIf you are keeping food hot which you intend to sell or provide as part of a paid-for service, you have a legal duty to ensure it is safe. Use our form to record the food's core temperature during hot holding. Why is this impo... Read more

Flow chart - health and safety audit

Flow chart - health and safety audit Completing a detailed health and safety audit can help ensure your business is doing everything it can to keep everyone safe. Follow our flow chart to guide you through the process.How does it work?Our Flow Chart... Read more

Use of ladders

Risk assessment - use of ladders Using ladders in the workplace can be dangerous. Accidents may involve falling from height, resulting in serious injuries and even death. Managing the risksTo help you identify the hazards associated with ladders and... Read more

COSHH-DSEAR assessment guidance note

COSHH/DSEAR assessment - guidance noteThe process for risk assessing the use of hazardous and dangerous substances is relatively complicated, so we've produced this guidance note to help you.How to use the guideCOSHH stands for the Control of Substance... Read more

Construction site - signing in book

Construction site - signing in bookIf you're running a construction project, it's important to know who is on site at any given time. Manage this process with our signing in book.ControlWhen contractors arrive on site they will usually want to go strai... Read more

Flow chart - dealing with health and safety concerns

Flow chart - dealing with health and safety concernsHealth and safety concerns raised by both employees and non-employees should be taken seriously and investigated. Follow our flow chart to respond to a problem.How does it work?Our Flow Chart - Deal... Read more

Probe thermometer check record

Probe thermometer check recordIf you sell food or provide it as part of a chargeable service, a probe thermometer is one of the most important tools in your kitchen. Use our form to ensure it's working as it should be.Why is this important?Those who w... Read more

Flow chart - undertaking a COSHH_assessment

Flow chart - undertaking a COSHH assessmentCompleting a COSHH assessment may seem daunting. Follow our flow chart to help you manage the process in a safe and professional way.How does it work?Following our Flow Chart - Undertaking a COSHH Assessment... Read more

Work at height safety policy

Work at height safety policyIf staff work at height, it's prudent to introduce a policy to show that you take their health and safety seriously. It's also useful to be able to show any inspectors who may visit you.Work at height safety policyIf several... Read more
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