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Maintenance contractor audit

Maintenance contractor auditWhen you delegate a job to a maintenance contractor you retain certain responsibilities for the health and safety of their work. Use our audit tool to review their management arrangements and working practices.Why you need... Read more

Permit to work - CDM

Permit to work - CDMIf you're having construction works completed on your premises, make it clear who is in control of the site with our document.Over to youThe Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 state that those managing construction... Read more

Food allergy checklist

Food allergy checklistHaving information about the food allergies affecting staff or service users enables you to implement risk reduction measures and prepare for an emergency. Use our form to gather initial information.AllergiesOur Food Allergy Che... Read more

Procurement - outsourcing non-construction

Procurement - Outsourcing (Non-construction)If outsourcing a project to other contractors, use our document to ensure health and safety standards are maintained.Industry standardĀ If you engage subcontractors to complete projects on your behalf, it's ... Read more

Hand-arm vibration calculator

Hand-arm vibration calculatorExcessive use of vibrating tools can lead to hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), a debilitating condition characterised by white fingers and a loss of feeling in the hands. Use our calculator to help you to control the ri... Read more

Occupational health exam and tests consent form

Occupational health exam and tests consent formIf you require an occupational assessment of an employee's health, you will need to obtain their permission first. Use our consent form to do this and to establish the ground rules.What is a health assess... Read more

Kitchen temperature quiz

Kitchen temperature quiz (England)To keep your customers safe, food handlers need a good understanding of the factors which could cause food poisoning. Use our quiz on hot and cold food temperatures to keep everyone safe.Vital ingredientTemperature c... Read more

Procurement - labour only

Procurement - labour onlyIf you need to engage labour only contractors, use our document to ensure health and safety standards are agreed from the outset.AssessmentTo make sure that the individual you're looking to use has the required skills, knowled... Read more

Flow chart - new and expectant mothers at work

Flow chart - new and expectant mothers at workWomen who are expecting a baby or have recently given birth need special protection to avoid harm to themselves and their infant. Use our flow chart to ensure your procedures are in good order.The lawAs a... Read more
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