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Invitation to absent employee to work-related event

Invitation to absent employee to work-related eventOur letter enables you to invite absent employees, such as those on long-term sick leave or maternity leave, to any work-related events. It sets out the details of the event but makes clear that the ... Read more

Health questionnaire for night workers

Health questionnaire for night workersAll night workers are legally entitled to a free health assessment before starting night work and then at regular intervals. Ask your night workers to complete our health questionnaire on an annual basis. It's aim... Read more

Change of circumstances form

Change of circumstances formSometimes employees forget, or deliberately fail, to disclose an important change in their personal circumstances. Our change of circumstances form covers this situation and helps you meet your legal obligations under the ... Read more

Letter informing agency worker of rights after twelve weeks

Letter informing agency worker of rights after twelve weeksThis letter is for you to give directly to agency workers to inform them of any changes that may occur to their terms and conditions after they have completed twelve weeks on assignment. Ther... Read more

Letter asking about secondary work

Letter asking about secondary workIf an employee is undertaking secondary work without your knowledge or permission, it could put them in breach of their employment contract and you in breach of the 48-hour maximum average weekly working time limit. ... Read more

Letter acknowledging whistleblowing disclosure

Letter acknowledging whistleblowing disclosureIf a worker has blown the whistle on wrongdoing at work, you'll need to promptly investigate the matter. Start by using our letter to confirm receipt of their disclosure and to advise them of what the next... Read more

Agreement for loan repayment

Agreement for loan repaymentOur agreement for loan repayment is designed to enable you to recover payment of a loan or season ticket loan made to the employee from their wages. You must have a proper written agreement in place for repayment of the lo... Read more

Staff toilet upkeep memo

Staff toilet upkeep memoOur staff toilet upkeep memo includes basic rules reminding staff of their personal duty to keep toilet and washroom facilities clean and tidy, covering everything from proper use of the toilet to replenishing loo roll supplie... Read more

Loan application form

Loan application formOur loan application form asks the employee to specify the type and purpose of loan requested from you, the amount they wish to borrow and the date it's required. They also need to provide further information relating to their pre... Read more

Letter confirming charity cake bake rules

Letter confirming charity cake bake rulesOur letter sets out a series of rules to be complied with where you've agreed to let an employee host a cake sale day at work to raise money for a nominated charity. Make sure you're clear about what your requir... Read more
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