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Recruitment checklist

Recruitment checklist This checklist covers matters to be considered when considering recruiting new staff and during the recruitment process.  Getting the right candidatesYou may need to balance the most effective means of seeking good candidates ... Read more

Letter enquiring about reasonable adjustments

Letter enquiring about reasonable adjustmentsWhere a disabled employee has accepted a job offer, it's worth making enquiries with them at an early stage about any reasonable adjustments they might need or that would help them to perform their job ... Read more

Invitation to attend interview letter

Invitation to attend interview letterWhen you have decided which candidates you will be inviting to attend an interview, use our invitation to attend interview letter to contact them to arrange it. Interview invitationIt's advisable for at least two m... Read more

Medical questionnaire

Medical questionnaireA problem for many employers is the risk of hiring a new employee only to find they have long-term health problems that could lead to periods of sickness absence. Use our questionnaire to find out if there's a problem but only use... Read more

Paternity leave request form

Paternity leave request formPaternity leave (previously called ordinary paternity leave) entitles eligible employees to take either one or two weeks' paid time off work following the birth of their child (or following the placement of a child for adop... Read more

Reply to keeping in touch day request

Reply to keeping in touch day requestIf an employee asks to work a "keeping in touch" day during their maternity or adoption leave, you can either agree to their request or decline it; it's entirely your choice and our letter covers both options. Statut... Read more

Period of leave notice for shared parental leave

Period of leave notice for shared parental leaveAn employee must give not less than eight weeks' written notice of each block of shared parental leave (SPL) they intend to take by submitting a period of leave notice for shared parental leave.Notice re... Read more

Parental leave request form

Parental leave request formBoth male and female employees are entitled to take unpaid parental leave to look after a child under 18 in respect of whom they have parental responsibility. This could involve the employee taking up to 18 weeks off work, ... Read more

Maternity leave plan

Maternity leave planFemale employees are entitled to take maternity leave and may be entitled to statutory maternity pay where they are expecting a child, provided they comply with important notification requirements.Maternity leave entitlementFemale... Read more

GDPR data protection impact assessment

GDPR data protection impact assessmentA data protection impact assessment is required where a new type of processing is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of data subjects. Use our document as your starting point.What's a DPIA?... Read more
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