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Consequences of breach of duty

Consequences of breach of dutyWhat action can your company take if one of the directors acts in breach of duty? Use our summary table to weigh up the options.Company's optionsThe action your company takes to address a director's wrongdoing largely depe... Read more

Types of authority to act on behalf of a company

Types of authority to act on behalf of a companyWhen you do business with another company, you want to make sure that the person you are dealing with has the authority act so that any contract you enter into is valid. We take you through the points t... Read more

Shareholder written resolution to ratify director's breach of duty

Shareholder written resolution to ratify director's breach of dutyEven when a director has acted in breach of duty, their company may decide to excuse and legitimise their actions. Shareholder approvalWhen a director is in breach of duty the company w... Read more

Deputising letter

Deputising letterWhere you ask an employee to act as a deputy supervisor or manager on a temporary basis to cover their supervisor's or manager's absence, use our letter to confirm the agreed terms of the deputising arrangement. Temporary promotionWhen... Read more

Ineligible for flexible working letter

Ineligible for flexible working letterAn employee is ineligible to request flexible working if they don't have 26 weeks' continuous service or they've already made a statutory flexible working request in the previous twelve months. Our letter confirms t... Read more

Real living wage increase advice letter

Real Living Wage increase advice letterThe real Living Wage is an hourly rate which is calculated independently according to the real cost of living in the UK and London. It's entirely voluntary. If you do pay the real Living Wage, our letter can be u... Read more

Medical examination request to independent doctor

Medical examination request to independent doctorIt's possible to fairly dismiss an employee on the ground of lack of capability due to ill health but first you must take all reasonable steps to find out the current medical position. This involves obt... Read more

Employee pool car agreement

Employee pool car agreementBanning private use is essential for a car to be considered a pool car by HMRC. A verbal ban may work but it's more sensible to require the employee to sign an agreement that specifically states that the car is not to be use... Read more

Claim to carry back company trading loss

Claim to carry back company trading lossWhen your company makes a loss the amount is carried forward by default and will be used to offset total profits in the future. Use our claim to get immediate relief for company trading losses.CompaniesThere ar... Read more

Pre-incorporation losses claim

Pre-incorporation losses claimAs your business grows you will probably be advised to consider transferring it to a company at some stage. But what happens to any brought forward losses if you decide to incorporate?IncorporationDespite changes to divi... Read more
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