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Disciplinary procedure

Disciplinary procedureDealing with conduct and other disciplinary matters is one of the most difficult challenges for any employer. Make a wrong move and an employee can exact a high price. And even if you've a good reason to take action, tribunals de... Read more

Letter confirming pension contribution increase

Letter confirming pension contribution increaseUse our letter to advise workers of the increases in the minimum contributions that must be made to automatic enrolment workplace pension schemes.Effective dateThe minimum contributions that you and your... Read more

Transgender equality policy

Transgender equality policyTransgender staff are protected under the Equality Act 2010. Put in place our transgender equality policy to sit alongside your equal opportunities and dignity at work policies.The lawTrans people are protected against disc... Read more

Letter requesting return of contract of employment

Letter requesting return of contract of employmentUse our letter to chase an employee where they've failed to sign and return their contract of employment within a week or so of you issuing it. It enables you to put a system in place to stop unsigned ... Read more

Reminder to take holiday

Reminder to take holidayTo be able to rely on statutory provisions enabling accrued but untaken annual leave to be lost if it's not taken in the current holiday year, you must have given your workers the effective opportunity to take that annual leave... Read more

Noise management checklist

Noise management checklistMaking too much noise is a sure-fire way of upsetting your neighbours. As such, you need to identify where noise is being created and take steps to reduce levels where possible.Noise management Noisy neighbours are the class... Read more

First aid at work policy

First aid at work policyUnless your first aid arrangements are very simple, e.g. one first aider and a first aid kit, it's beneficial to have a formal policy to detail how you approach and manage first aid. This will help to show everyone in the busin... Read more

Lift plan

Lifting planIf you're taking charge of lifting operations, you need to draw up a written plan which identifies how the activity is going to be completed safety. This can be achieved by completing our lifting plan.    Potentially riskyCranes do a go... Read more

Safe system of work - COSHH

Safe system of work - COSHHIf you're completing a task that involves a hazardous substance, you must identify the safe systems to be followed. Double documentsIn many instances you will need to produce a safe system of work (SSOW) that identifies how ... Read more

PSC checklist

PSC checklistAll companies must keep a register of people who have significant control over them. Use our checklist to make sure you have taken the required steps to identify the right people. What is a PSC?A "person with significant control" basically... Read more
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