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Demolition - soft stripping

Method statement - demolition - soft strippingBefore a premises is demolished, you may need to remove windows, doors and other materials. To ensure this work is completed in a safe manner, follow our method statement.Safe way of workingThis method st... Read more

Acknowledgement of single period of SPL

Acknowledgement of single period of SPL If an eligible employee has requested a single, continuous period of shared parental leave (SPL), they're entitled to take that leave on the dates they have notified. Use our acknowledgement letter to set out th... Read more

Pay secrecy clause

Pay secrecy clauseThere's no general implied term that employees must keep details of their salary confidential. So if maintaining confidentiality of salary and benefits information is important, you need an express contractual clause to cover the poi... Read more

Unmeasured worker daily average agreement

Unmeasured worker daily average agreementWhere a worker performs unmeasured work for the purposes of the national minimum (NMW) and national living wage (NLW), you can enter into a daily average agreement of hours with them.What's unmeasured work?For ... Read more

Letter chasing statement of fitness for work

Letter chasing statement of fitness for workUse our letter to notify an employee who has failed to respond to a previous request to provide a statement of fitness for work, or fit note, for sickness absence lasting more than seven days of the consequ... Read more

Reporting procedure

Reporting procedureIt's worth including a short reporting procedure in employment contracts in order to put positive reporting duties on employees. Clause benefitsIf you place an employee under a contractual duty to regularly report what they're doing ... Read more

Bribery report form

Bribery report formAs part of your adequate procedures to prevent bribery, you should be actively encouraging staff to report any suspected incidents of bribery. Our bribery report form enables them to easily do this.The corporate offenceUnder the Br... Read more

Change of adoption leave request

Change of adoption leave requestEmployees who are proposing to adopt a child and who have selected an adoption leave start date have the statutory right to subsequently vary their selected date.A change of dateIf, having given you notification of the... Read more

Permit to work - CDM

Permit to work - CDMIf you're having construction works completed on your premises, make it clear who is in control of the site with our document.Over to youThe Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 state that those managing construction... Read more

Food allergy checklist

Food allergy checklistHaving information about the food allergies affecting staff or service users enables you to implement risk reduction measures and prepare for an emergency. Use our form to gather initial information.AllergiesOur Food Allergy Che... Read more
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