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Modern slavery and human trafficking statement

Modern slavery and human trafficking statementLarger companies have to produce a statement setting out what they do to ensure that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in their business or supply chain. Use our drafting notes to help put t... Read more

Intellectual property rights summary

Intellectual property rights summaryIP refers to the ownership of ideas and their representation. It is often a company's greatest asset and requires protection. Use our summary to identify what IP rights you have and how to protect them.FormRepresent... Read more

Dormant companies summary

Dormant companies summaryWhy would you want a dormant company, and are there any requirements associated with one? Just sleepingA dormant company is one that is does not trade, so why keep it on the register? Sometimes it's accidental - a business fiz... Read more

Other benefits in kind clause

Other benefits in kind clauseOur benefits in kind clause specifically covers private medical and permanent health insurance, pension schemes and life assurance, as these are the most common benefits after company cars. However, you can also include a... Read more

Letter confirming payment in lieu of notice

Letter confirming payment in lieu of noticeWhere you've stated an employee isn't required to work out their notice period and instead will be paid in lieu of notice, use our letter to confirm the PILON payment. You need to work out whether it's a contra... Read more

Corporate insolvency procedures summary

Corporate insolvency procedures summaryCorporate insolvency is littered with technical jargon. Use our summary table to make sense of it all. Insolvency basicsMost business professionals come across corporate insolvency at some point. Whether your co... Read more

Raising additional finance summary

Raising additional finance summaryWhen your company needs additional finance, what are your options? Our summary takes a look at the pros and cons of debt and equity finance. Do your homeworkThe key to finding the right additional finance for your co... Read more

Strike off and dissolution summary

Strike off and dissolution summaryA company that is no longer active can be struck off and dissolved. Our summary explains how. What to do with a defunct companyThere are plenty of situations in which a company ceases trading, but what next? Whether ... Read more

Commission clause

Commission clauseThe salaries of employees who are in sales roles is often comprised of a basic element plus guaranteed commission which is calculated according to the number of successful sales made. In this situation, the employee's written statemen... Read more

Time off for dependants policy

Time off for dependants policyEmployees have a statutory right to unpaid time off work to deal with certain unexpected or sudden events or situations involving a dependant. Our time off for dependants policy statement sets out the employee's statutory... Read more
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