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Property rental business loss relief claim

Property rental business loss relief claimIndividuals, including members of business partnerships, can claim a deduction in the tax liability on general income where their property rental business has made a loss and all or part of that loss results ... Read more

Suspension clause

Suspension clauseWhere you have a reasonable belief that an employee may have committed an act of gross or very serious misconduct, you should give consideration to suspending them during the investigation and pending a formal disciplinary hearing. A... Read more

Alternative disciplinary sanctions letter

Alternative disciplinary sanctions letterIt's possible to impose a disciplinary sanction other than a formal warning or dismissal on an employee provided you've the contractual right to do so and the sanction is only temporary.Usual disciplinary sancti... Read more

Disciplinary procedure

Disciplinary procedureDealing with conduct and other disciplinary matters is one of the most difficult challenges for any employer. Make a wrong move and an employee can exact a high price. And even if you've a good reason to take action, tribunals de... Read more

Suspension letter

Suspension letterIn cases of gross or very serious misconduct, you should give careful consideration to suspending the employee for a brief period during your disciplinary investigation and pending a formal disciplinary hearing. Use our suspension l... Read more

Homeworking checklist

Homeworking checklistWhere you've agreed that an employee can work from home, there are various matters you should consider before the arrangement is finalised. Our checklist will ensure you have everything in place.Setting up homeworkingOnce you've ag... Read more

Itemised pay statement

Itemised pay statementUse our statement at or before you pay wages or salary to a worker to set out the breakdown of the amount paid and any deductions.Statutory provisionsThe Employment Rights Act 1996 requires that you issue every worker with a wri... Read more

Disability agreed adjustments record

Disability agreed adjustments recordOur document records what reasonable adjustments have been agreed by a disabled worker's line manager. The record is "owned" by the worker and whenever they move roles, are relocated or change manager, they can give i... Read more

Preventing illegal working letter

Preventing illegal working letterIt's important to check all new recruits are eligible to work in the UK, or you could find yourself committing an offence. Use our preventing illegal working letter to enable you to carry out the necessary checks on pr... Read more

Offer of appointment letter

Offer of appointment letterOnce you have taken the decision on the successful candidate, a job offer can be made, either in writing or over the telephone. If you make an offer verbally, always confirm it in writing using our offer of appointment lett... Read more
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