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Fire alarm testing instructions

Fire alarm testing instructionsIt's relatively easy for your own staff to carry out a weekly fire alarm test, but you need to make sure they've been instructed in the correct procedure. Use our fire alarm testing instructions to train them.Using the do... Read more

Health and safety policy organisation

Health and safety policy - organisationHealth and safety policies comprise three parts: a general statement of commitment; a description of the responsibilities allocated to fulfil the policy (known as your "Organisation"); and details of the "Arrangeme... Read more

Internal lighting checklist

Internal lighting checklistGood lighting in the workplace is essential for the health, safety and comfort of staff, and the proper management of lighting has further safety and environmental implications. Use our Internal Lighting Checklist to ensure... Read more

Weekly fire alarm test record

Weekly fire alarm test recordIf you have an electric fire alarm on the premises with manual alarm call points, then you need to test the alarm on a weekly basis. That's where our weekly fire alarm test record comes in.Weekly testTesting the alarm shou... Read more

Fit note checklist

Fit note checklistFit notes are issued by GPs to advise people who are on sick leave for over seven days whether, with additional support from their employer, they could return to work. However, any return may result in health and safety issues if th... Read more

Health and safety policy statement

Health and safety policy statementIf you employ five or more staff, you're required to have a written statement describing how you manage health and safety. If you find this a difficult task, our policy can help get you started.Policy statementIf you ... Read more

Fire alarm call point register

Fire alarm call point registerIf you have an electric fire alarm, it can assist with record keeping if you allocate a unique number to each manual call point. This is particularly helpful when you're carrying out weekly alarm tests. Our fire alarm cal... Read more

Rules for first aiders-appointed persons

Rules for first aiders/appointed personsAs with any aspect of the employment relationship, it's important that you make it clear to those with first aid duties, just what you expect of them. With this in mind, issue some simple rules so they know what ... Read more

Noise monitoring and assessment policy and procedure

Noise monitoring and assessment policy and procedureIf you've recognised that noise may be an issue, the next step is to assess and monitor the noise levels. Having a formal policy and procedure in place will help your staff to identify if there's a pr... Read more

Letters to GP

Letters to GPDealing with an absent employee's GP over long-term sickness absence can be frustrating due to the lack of information provided. You can combat this by using a letter to obtain the necessary details.Dealing with GPsAt some point you're lik... Read more
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