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Self-certification of sickness absence form

Self-certification of sickness absence formWhere an employee has been absent from work due to illness for seven days or less, you should ask them to complete a self-certificate form on their first day back at work. This should include a section to re... Read more

Counselling form

Counselling form Use our form to arrange counselling for employees. You may either offer a professional stress counselling service directly or for most small businesses it will be more appropriate to outsource this service. This will help in your def... Read more

Return to work interview form

Return to work interview form You should always record the information an employee reveals to you during a return to work interview. The easiest way to do this is by using a standard form. This allows you to ask the same questions of all members of s... Read more

Employee absence record form

Employee absence record formThe average employee in the private sector has around six days' sickness absence each year; the ideal level for any employer is nil. Recording this type of absence in one place allows you to immediately identify how much ti... Read more

Invitation to attend return-to-work interview

Invitation to attend return-to-work interview It's a proven fact that any employee who is required to attend a return-to-work interview following a period of sickness absence will think twice about taking any time off in the first place. Invite an em... Read more

Letter following review of employee initially not fit for work

Letter following review of employee initially not fit for workUse our letter when you are dealing with an employee who has been on long-term sick leave and been unable to return as their GP has signed them off as "Not fit for work".When to use this let... Read more

Letter requesting home visit with sick employee

Letter requesting home visit with sick employeeUnder the terms of our sickness absence policy, you can request a home visit with a long-term sick employee. To enable you to do this, use our letter. When making home visits, be sensitive, don't try to b... Read more

Not fit for work acknowledgement letter

Not fit for work acknowledgement letterOur letter sets out the employee's rights and obligations when on sick leave where they've been assessed as not fit for work, so there can be no misunderstandings. However, you don't need to send it out each time y... Read more

Suspension on medical grounds letter

Suspension on medical grounds letterSome jobs are covered by special health and safety regulations under which employees may be suspended from work on medical grounds. Use our letter to suspend an employee in this scenario but be aware of the circums... Read more

Letter confirming temporary work alterations

Letter confirming temporary work alterationsOur letter confirming temporary work alterations assists you where, as a result of the GP's recommendations in the statement of fitness for work, you've agreed a return to work plan with your absent employee.... Read more
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