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Job vacancy letter during parent-related leave

Job vacancy letter during parent-related leaveEnsure that you notify all employees who are absent on parent-related leave of any internal job vacancies that might arise within your business and give them the opportunity to apply. Our letter ensures y... Read more

Pension auto-enrolment record of employees enrolled

Pension auto-enrolment: record of employees enrolled Under pension auto-enrolment every employer is required to operate an approved pension scheme for its staff. The re are no concessions for smaller businesses. It's useful to have an overview includ... Read more

Letter advising of NMW rate increase - due to legislation

Letter advising of NMW rate increase (due to legislation)All employers must pay their employees at least the national minimum wage (NMW). It is reviewed annually and, so far, it has always risen. When this happens, you should notify any staff affecte... Read more

Letter advising of NMW rate increase - due to age

Letter advising of NMW rate increase (due to age)The national minimum wage (NMW) is paid according to an employee's age. So a birthday can mean that they're entitled to a present from you in the shape of a pay rise! You should always write to them abou... Read more

Letter declining a reference

Letter declining a referenceAny reference you provide about an ex-employee must be a true, fair and accurate reflection of that individual. But - as the motto goes - if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all! This approach protects your... Read more

Return to work interview form

Return to work interview form You should always record the information an employee reveals to you during a return to work interview. The easiest way to do this is by using a standard form. This allows you to ask the same questions of all members of s... Read more

Employee absence record form

Employee absence record formThe average employee in the private sector has 6.4 days' sickness absence each year; the ideal level for any employer is nil. Recording this type of absence in one place allows you to immediately identify how much time off ... Read more

Invitation to attend return-to-work interview

Invitation to attend return-to-work interview It's a proven fact that any employee who is required to attend a return-to-work interview following a period of sickness absence will think twice about taking any time off in the first place. Invite an em... Read more

Leaver's checklist

Leaver's checklist Once an employee is getting ready to leave, there will be a number of formalities to go through. It's important that you don't miss anything out here. Our leaver's checklist contains all the important points you (or your managers) need... Read more

Letter explaining keeping in touch days

 Letter explaining "keeping in touch" daysEmployees on maternity or adoption leave may work up to ten "keeping in touch" days without it having any effect on their statutory right to pay. Before an employee goes on this type of leave, it's helpful to set... Read more
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