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Working in loading and unloading areas

Working in loading and unloading areasWorking in loading and unloading areas may present risks to staff and others. So use our document to help you identify the hazards and appropriate control measures.Managing the risksTo help you identify the haza... Read more

Fridge and freezer temperature records

Fridge and freezer temperature recordsMonitoring fridge and freezer temperatures is a necessary requirement in a commercial kitchen. Use our form to record your findings.Why you need to keep recordsCold and frozen food must be stored at the correct t... Read more

COSHH/DSEAR assessment - concrete

COSHH/DSEAR assessment - concreteIf employees work with concrete you will need to assess the risks and decide how it can be done safely. Use our example COSHH/ DSEAR assessment to do this.Careful selectionThe handling of concrete involves risks to heal... Read more

Document register

Document registerKeeping control of health and safety documents can be a challenge. Use our register to make it clear what you have and what you need.Why you might need it?It's likely that you will have a number of risk assessments, policies, procedur... Read more

Room hire agreement

Room hire agreementIf you're considering hiring out a meeting room use our room hire agreement to ensure your bookings run smoothly and safely.Agreeing the rulesNot having a detailed agreement in place when hiring rooms can leave you and your business... Read more

Flow chart - health checks at recruitment

Flow chart - health checks at recruitmentWhen recruiting new staff you will often want to check that they're fit for the job. But you need to be very cautious to avoid discrimination. Use our flow chart to keep on track.Careful selectionChecking that ... Read more

Risk assessment training record

Risk assessment training recordIt's vital that your staff are trained on your risk assessments and know what's expected of them. You can record this process on our document.What's covered?An employer's legal duty regarding risk assessments doesn't stop at... Read more

Machinery maintenance

Machinery maintenanceMaintaining machinery can be a hazardous activity. For example, contact could be made from moving parts as safety guards may have been removed. Left unmanaged, this could cause accidents and potentially put you on the wrong side ... Read more


Risk assessment - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)If you serve food that's not fit for consumption, the results could be disastrous. Being suspected of food poisoning is hardly the best advertisement! However, doing so is easily avoidab... Read more

Use and storage of petrol

Use and storage of petrolPetrol is a highly flammable substance and as such should be handled, used and stored with great care.Managing the risksTo help you identify the hazards and the appropriate ways of controlling them, use our example Risk Asses... Read more
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