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Introduction to this document

Workstation hotspot checklist

Unfortunately, some staff still suffer from aches and pains from working at computer workstations; particularly from hot-desking. If this is true of your workplace, work through our checklist for some fast solutions.

Workstation hotspots

Despite the use of DSE assessments, staff may still suffer problems with their workstations. These most commonly involve aches and pains to the neck and shoulder area, but could also be of a more general nature, e.g. if you’ve adopted hot-desking. If you find yourself in this position and need some rapid solutions, refer to a Workstation Hotspot Checklist.

Identifying quick solutions

The left-hand column of the checklist includes a series of questions to ask the employee and the right offers some tried and tested solutions to the most common problems that you’re likely to face. The four main areas comprising this checklist are neck ache, shoulder ache, hot-desking problems and wrist ache.