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Emergency grab pack contents

Emergency grab pack contentsAn emergency grab pack is something which you might consider pulling together for your premises as part of your emergency response procedures. Our checklist will help you decide what to include.What's covered?An emergency g... Read more

Emergency lighting inspection and testing instructions

Emergency lighting inspection and testing instructionsWhen testing emergency lighting the recommendations of the relevant British Standard should be taken in to account. Use our document to help you through the process.Why do you need this?Where emer... Read more

Flow chart - does your building need an HMO licence (England)

Flow chart - Does your building need an HMO licence (England)A premises home to several unrelated occupants is known to be at increased risk of fire so local authorities impose strict safety requirements via a licensing regime. How do you know if thi... Read more

Categories of fire alarm system

Categories of fire alarm systemIf you were told that you needed an L1, LD2 or a P2 fire alarm system, would you know what it meant? Our information sheet explains it all. What's covered?Fire specialists, including the enforcing authorities, use fire ... Read more

Fire quiz two

Fire quiz twoAfter fire awareness training you should test employees to check they've absorbed what you told them. Vary your tests by switching between our fire quiz and fire quiz two.What's the idea?This Fire Quiz Two has been produced as an alternati... Read more

Fire management quiz

Fire management quizThis quiz checks the knowledge of staff with fire safety management responsibilities. Use it to back up your management training.Quiz timeWe have designed our Fire Management Quiz so that you can check key employees' knowledge stra... Read more

Fire extinguisher quiz

Fire extinguisher quizWhen formal training sessions are infrequent it can be helpful to refresh safety-critical information. Use our quiz to remind staff of key points when using fire extinguishers.In trained handsFire extinguishers help to stop smal... Read more

Fire safety policy and procedures - small hospitality business

Fire policy and procedures - small hospitality businessIf you operate a small hospitality business our brief policy document will help you to develop arrangements for managing fire safety. Short and to the pointThe Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Ord... Read more

Fire quiz

Fire quizAfter fire awareness training, it's good practice to test employees' knowledge to check their understanding. Use our quiz to make sure they will take the right action.What's covered?The Fire Quiz is comprised of two parts. The first includes ge... Read more

Fire drill observation record

Fire drill observation recordWhen you bite the bullet and set the alarm bells ringing to test your evacuation arrangements, it's vital that you record as much information as possible on what happens. You can do this with our fire drill observation rec... Read more
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