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Introduction to this document

Visitor record book

Keeping track of visitors and making them aware of your fire procedures is a must. You can achieve both using a visitor record book.

Sign in here please

We appreciate that asking visitors to sign in when they arrive at your premises isn’t a new concept, but it’s something that many organisations fail to do - they just don’t see the point. However, unless your business is very small, there’s value in knowing who is on your site.


The primary reason is to help you to evacuate your premises effectively in the event of a fire. Having a list of guests allows you to check them off as they leave. This means that when the fire & rescue service arrives, you can state with certainty that all visitors have or haven’t been evacuated safely.

Sign here

Completing our new Visitor Record Book will only take a few moments. All your callers need to do is fill in the following boxes: “Date”; “Name”; “Company”; “Visiting”; “Car registration”; “Time in”’ and “Time out”.

Tip. The ideal location for this document is at reception. Don’t keep it hidden. If it’s on top of the desk for example, most people will complete it automatically. If you have a receptionist, ask them to take charge of it. If not, the member of staff bringing the visitor in should ensure that it’s completed.

On the back page

To add greater value to the process, we’ve included a sample visitors emergency procedure” on a second page. Ideally, our document should be printed on both sides of a sheet of paper and kept in a folder. Therefore, when they’re signing in they will be able to see the fire procedure on the reverse. Your staff should check that the visitor understands what’s required of them in the event of a fire before they’re allowed to enter your premises.