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Introduction to this document

Ecology checklist

External construction work can have a significant impact on the local environment, particularly in the spring and summer. Use our checklist to review your working practices and ensure that your project avoids unnecessary damage.

Using the checklist

Being mindful of the ecological impact of your construction site will keep you on the right side of the law as well as maintaining a good relationship with the locals. The subject can be complex so use our Ecology Checklist to work through the common issues.

We recommend that you use one form per project and begin by completing the blank spaces at the top of the document with your project name, location and key dates.

Find the pre-construction information which should have been supplied long before site work started. Also locate other information about the ecology of the location which you gathered in the planning stages: You might have access to previous ecology surveys, details of special habitats or tree preservation orders, or anecdotal observations.