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Letter confirming medical report application

Letter confirming medical report applicationWhere you request a medical report on an employee, they have some key rights where that report is being provided by their own doctor. Once they've given their consent to the report, use our letter to confirm... Read more

Notice of absence management appeal meeting

Notice of absence management appeal meetingWhere an employee appeals against a warning for unsatisfactory attendance or a decision to dismiss them under your attendance procedure, use our letter to arrange an appeal meeting.Appeal processOnce you've m... Read more

Notification of self-isolation memo

Notification of self-isolation memoYou can be fined £1,000, rising to £10,000, if you knowingly allow a worker who's legally required to self-isolate to come to work. Our memo advises your staff of their duty to tell you if they're required to self-i... Read more

Self-certification of sickness absence form

Self-certification of sickness absence formWhere an employee has been absent from work due to illness for seven days or less, you should ask them to complete a self-certificate form on their first day back at work. This should include a section to re... Read more

Attendance procedure

Attendance procedureOur attendance procedure provides a process for dealing with genuine but persistent short-term sickness absence. It's not suitable for long-term incapacity cases.ApplicationA dismissal due to persistent short-term sickness absence ... Read more

Sickness absence policy

Sickness absence policyOur policy statement sets out a detailed reporting procedure for both short-term and long-term sickness absence, including the provision of evidence of incapacity, consideration of statements of fitness for work, "return-to-work... Read more

Letter treating uncertified sickness absence as unauthorised

Letter treating uncertified sickness absence as unauthorisedIf an employee has continually failed to submit a statement of fitness for work, or fit note, to cover a period of sickness absence of more than seven days, you can then treat their absence ... Read more

Letter chasing statement of fitness for work

Letter chasing statement of fitness for workUse our letter to notify an employee who has failed to respond to a previous request to provide a statement of fitness for work, or fit note, for sickness absence lasting more than seven days of the consequ... Read more

Absence management appeal meeting response

Absence management appeal meeting responseAfter you've held an absence management appeal meeting, you will need to formally notify the employee in writing of the outcome, and your decision here is usually final.Confirming the appeal decisionUse our No... Read more

Record of home visit with sick employee

Record of home visit with sick employeeWhere you've arranged to visit a long-term sick employee at home to discuss their current state of health and any potential adjustments to support their return to work, make sure you keep a meeting record.  Pur... Read more
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