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Introduction to this document

Letter confirming no compulsory redundancies necessary

Where you’ve accepted volunteers for redundancy, you might find yourself in a position where you no longer need to make any compulsory redundancies as a result. Use our letter to let other affected staff know they’re no longer at risk of redundancy. 

Voluntary redundancy

As part of a fair redundancy programme, it’s always advisable to call for volunteers for redundancy before embarking on a compulsory redundancy programme and our First Redundancy Consultation Letter does just that. This isn’t actually a legal requirement but it’s good practice as it can provide a way of avoiding, or reducing the need for, compulsory redundancies and, as a matter of good employment relations, it’s always better to dismiss those who are happy to go rather than those who aren’t. This doesn’t, however, automatically oblige you to agree to make those who have volunteered redundant. You always retain the right to make the final selection based on the future needs of your business. Once you’ve accepted volunteers, you may find yourself in the position where you no longer need to make anyone compulsorily redundant because you have a sufficient number of approved volunteers. 

Not at risk

You then need to put the other employees that were informed they were at risk of redundancy out of their misery, by letting them know that, as a result of voluntary redundancies, no compulsory redundancies are necessary and their jobs are now safe. Don’t do this though until the applications for voluntary redundancy have been firmly accepted but, once you’re ready, use our Letter Confirming No Compulsory Redundancies Necessary to let the affected employees know accordingly. It advises them they are no longer at risk of redundancy and so will continue in employment on their current terms and conditions because you received a sufficient number of accepted applications for voluntary redundancy.