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Introduction to this document

Auto-enrolment postponement letter

You can postpone auto-enrolling employees in your workplace pension for up three months. This might mean that you never have to include temporary workers. Postponement can also be used in other situations, such as for new employees who work for a probationary period before they’re taken on permanently.

When you can postpone

There are specific times when you can apply postponement:

  • the date an employee first starts working for you
  • the date an employee first becomes eligible for auto-enrolment having previously not been.


Letter to employees

If you postpone auto-enrolment for an employee, you must notify them in writing - we have produced an Auto-enrolment Postponement Letter for this purpose. Your letter must include the same information as The Pensions Regulator’s standard letter: essentially the length of the postponement period and the employee’s auto-enrolment rights.