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Forming a company

How do we form a company?It's never been easier to form a company and to start trading immediately. But as always there's an element of you get what you pay for. So what are the pros and cons of each option?... Read more


What is a shareholder?Shareholders often provide valuable investment in a company. But what's their full legal position?... Read more

Trading options

What are our options? It's important to understand the different trading options - some will be more suitable than others. Pay particular attention to the issue of personal liability.... Read more


DividendsAll shareholders will expect to receive a dividend. Can they be paid out at any time, irrespective of the financial standing of the company? This checklist will keep you on the straight and narrow.... Read more


DirectorsDirectors play a key role in any company but what are the different types and what are their key responsibilities?... Read more

Why form a company

Why form a company?A limited company can offer you valuable protection from person liability. But what are the other benefits?... Read more


SharesThis checklist explains the different types of share that you can issue and the legal formalities involved.... Read more

Business plan

What is a business plan and what should it contain?A business plan can play a vital role in the success of any business - but what are its key constituents?... Read more

Shareholders' meetings

Shareholders' meetingsThanks to the popularity of written resolutions, shareholders' meetings are less common. However, they are still sometimes necessary. Use our summary to check that you follow the rules and ensure your company's decisions are valid.... Read more

Removing a director

Removing a directorThings haven't worked out and you need to get rid of a fellow director. Will showing them the door suffice? Or do you need to follow a set procedure?... Read more
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