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Outside business interests clause

Outside business interests clauseUse our outside business interests clause to restrict the ability of an employee to take on other jobs or outside business interests, both during and outside their normal working hours.All work and no playIt's quite re... Read more

Compassionate leave clause

Compassionate leave clauseOur compassionate leave clause goes beyond the statutory right to time off for dependants and focuses on the death or very serious illness of an immediate family member. Subject to statutory provisions, it's really up to you ... Read more

Confidentiality clause

Confidentiality clauseAn employee owes a duty of confidentiality to you, which continues during the period of employment and, to a more limited extent, after termination. The extent of the duty depends on the facts and circumstances of each case but ... Read more

Other benefits in kind clause

Other benefits in kind clauseOur benefits in kind clause specifically covers private medical and permanent health insurance, pension schemes and life assurance, as these are the most common benefits after company cars. However, you can also include a... Read more

Employee contract pay in lieu of notice clause

Employee contract pay in lieu of notice clauseIn the absence of an express payment in lieu of notice clause, you don't have the contractual right to terminate employment summarily upon making such a payment. This doesn't mean you can't do it, but you do... Read more

Commission clause

Commission clauseThe salaries of employees who are in sales roles is often comprised of a basic element plus guaranteed commission which is calculated according to the number of successful sales made. In this situation, the employee's written statemen... Read more

Intellectual property clause

Intellectual property clauseAn intellectual property clause is particularly useful where, for example, employees design software programs, perform development work in laboratories, invent things or write articles, books, plays, etc. However, you are ... Read more

Garden leave clause

Garden leave clauseA garden leave clause enables you to place an employee on leave during the notice period following either their resignation or dismissal with notice. It is used as an alternative to the employee working out their notice period or p... Read more

Job-share clause

Job-share clauseIf two employees share a full-time role on a job-share basis, it's worth inserting our job-share clause into both of their contracts of employment. Be aware that if one job sharer leaves, you can't just dismiss the other one.Legal posit... Read more

Overtime and time off in lieu clause

Overtime and time off in lieu clauseIf you require an employee to work overtime hours from time to time, use our overtime and time off in lieu clause. It's then up to you whether you are going to pay overtime payments, grant time off in lieu or give n... Read more
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