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Lone working policy

Lone working policyIf you have employees who are required to work alone, even if this is only occasionally, you should put in place a lone working policy. Our policy sets out guidance for employees and line managers on the precautionary measures they... Read more

Personal property clause

Personal property clauseUse our personal property clause to set out the employee's responsibility for taking care of their own personal belongings and to restrict your liability in respect of loss or damage to those personal belongings insofar as this... Read more

Probation period clause

Probation period clauseIt's common for new employees to be subject to a probation period, during which time you will closely monitor their performance and conduct. However, be aware that labelling an employee as a "probationer" has very little effect on... Read more

Mobility and relocation clause

Mobility and relocation clauseFor senior employees, you may deem it essential that they agree to be mobile to suit the needs of your business. A clear contractual right to require an employee to work at a new location is therefore necessary.On the mo... Read more

Lay-off and short time working clause

Lay-off and short time working clauseIf your business is subject to cyclical demand, consider inserting a lay-off and short time working clause enabling you to lay off an employee for periods where you won't have to give full pay.No general right to l... Read more

Credit and charge card clause

Credit and charge card clauseUse our credit and charge card clause where you issue an employee with a company credit or charge card. It sets out what the card can be used for, what must be done if it's lost, damaged or stolen and what happens if it's m... Read more

Requirement to travel clause

Requirement to travel clauseIf you need your employee to travel as part of their job, for example to attend meetings with customers etc., it's better to include a specific "requirement to travel" clause. That way, there's no misunderstanding about what y... Read more

On-call work clause

On-call work clauseIf you have workers who are required to be on call (usually overnight and at weekends to deal with workplace emergencies), use our on-call work clause to set out the contractual position, what's expected of the employee when on call... Read more

Flexible job duties clause

Flexible job duties clauseA flexible job duties clause means you can require an employee to undertake additional or alternative tasks and duties as the needs of the business dictate, provided they are within the employee's capabilities and skills base... Read more

Third party pressure to dismiss clause

Third party pressure to dismiss clauseWhere a client refuses to have one of your employees back on its site, it is possible to dismiss the employee, but you'll first need to show you did everything you could to change the client's mind or to secure the... Read more
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