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Retirement clause

Retirement clauseOur retirement clause states that you do not operate a normal retirement age and therefore employees will not be compulsorily retired on reaching a particular age. Instead, employees can choose to voluntarily retire whenever they wis... Read more

Overtime and time off in lieu clause

Overtime and time off in lieu clauseIf you require an employee to work overtime hours from time to time, use our overtime and time off in lieu clause. It's then up to you whether you are going to pay overtime payments, grant time off in lieu or give n... Read more

Fire safety policy

Fire safety policyA fire safety policy is a document that outlines how you intend to manage the risks associated with fire. It shouldn't be a complicated document and should be available for all staff and visitors to see.A statement of intentOur Fire ... Read more

Long service awards policy

Long service awards policyOur long service awards policy enables you to reward your staff for their loyalty and experience. Extra annual leave is always a popular reward amongst employees. However, you will need to show that your business needs justi... Read more

Domestic abuse policy

Domestic abuse policyOur domestic abuse policy is aimed at protecting both your employees and the business from the detrimental impact of domestic abuse. You owe a duty to your employees to protect their health, safety and welfare at work as far as r... Read more

Loans policy

Loans policyIf you're willing to provide occasional loans to employees on a discretionary basis, consider including our loans policy in your staff handbook. It sets out the procedure for applying, how the loan will be paid to the employee (if granted)... Read more

Promotion policy

Promotion policyIf you promote an employee, you need to make clear the terms and conditions of that promotion, for example, whether it will be subject to a probationary period. You also need to consider what will happen if it doesn't work out.Fast tra... Read more

Anti-bribery policy

Anti-bribery policyYour business can be guilty of a criminal offence under the Bribery Act 2010 where it has failed to prevent bribery by a person associated with it. However, you have a defence if you can show you had adequate procedures in place wh... Read more

Staff handbook guidelines

Staff handbook guidelinesOur guidelines for managers on staff handbooks will help you when assembling a staff handbook from our various policies and procedures. They will assist you in deciding which policies and procedures should be contractual and ... Read more

Use of company equipment policy

Use of company equipment policyOur use of company equipment policy statement is particularly suitable if you have home workers to whom you provide designated items of equipment to enable them to carry out their duties. It makes them responsible for l... Read more
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