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Shared parental leave and pay policy

Shared parental leave and pay policyOur policy statement sets out the statutory rules relating to shared parental leave and pay. It ensures employees fully understand their rights, as well as their obligations, in relation to ending their maternity o... Read more

Intellectual property clause

Intellectual property clauseAn intellectual property clause is particularly useful where, for example, employees design software programs, perform development work in laboratories, invent things or write articles, books, plays, etc. However, you are ... Read more

Garden leave clause

Garden leave clauseA garden leave clause enables you to place an employee on leave during the notice period following either their resignation or dismissal with notice. It is used as an alternative to the employee working out their notice period or p... Read more

Appraisal policy

Appraisal policyOur appraisal policy will assist you in setting out your approach to appraising your staff on an annual basis. This should be a formal evaluation when a review of an employee's past performance takes place and an action plan is agreed ... Read more

Personal relationships at work policy

Personal relationships at work policyIn drafting and implementing a policy statement on personal relationships at work, you need to strike a balance between protecting your legitimate business interests and the right of your employees to have a priva... Read more

Unauthorised absence policy

Unauthorised absence policyOur policy statement makes it clear that unauthorised absences will not be tolerated and will be dealt with under the disciplinary procedure. Whilst this may seem obvious, including it in the staff handbook makes the posit... Read more

Staff handbook introduction

Staff handbook introductionWhere you put a number of our policies and procedures together to form a staff handbook, it's common for that handbook to have a short introduction covering what it is, its legal status and the provisions for varying its ter... Read more

Collections, sponsorship and selling of goods policy

Collections, sponsorship and selling of goods policyUse our policy to ensure consistency of approach across your organisation when it comes to employee-organised collections to mark events such as birthdays, weddings and retirements. It also covers c... Read more

Cash handling policy

Cash handling policyGood cash-handling policies and procedures are critical to any business that works with cash on a day-to-day basis. They can help prevent fraud in the workplace, as well as ensuring you have proper security and auditing arrangemen... Read more

Retirement policy

Retirement policyOur retirement policy provides that you do not operate a compulsory retirement age and instead you operate a flexible retirement policy that permits employees to voluntarily choose to retire at any time. This follows on from the abol... Read more
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