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Season ticket loans policy

Season ticket loans policyTravelling to work by public transport is costly and therefore many employers provide season ticket loans. This enables the employee to buy an annual travel ticket paid for by their employer but with the cost then deducted f... Read more

Retirement policy

Retirement policyOur retirement policy provides that you do not operate a compulsory retirement age and instead you operate a flexible retirement policy that permits employees to voluntarily choose to retire at any time. This follows on from the abol... Read more

Paternity leave policy

Paternity leave policyPaternity leave essentially enables eligible employees (usually fathers) to take up to two weeks off work following the birth or adoption of their child. Our policy statement sets out the employee's statutory rights to paternity ... Read more

Maternity policy

Maternity policyOur policy statement sets out the statutory rules relating to maternity leave and pay. It ensures employees fully understand their rights and entitlements, as well as their obligations in relation to notifying you of their pregnancy, ... Read more

Grievance procedure

Grievance procedureYour grievance procedure should play a crucial role in how you deal with staff complaints. Use our procedure to set out the steps that an employee with a grievance relating to their employment should take, but be aware that they ca... Read more

Cash handling policy

Cash handling policyGood cash-handling policies and procedures are critical to any business that works with cash on a day-to-day basis. They can help prevent fraud in the workplace, as well as ensuring you have proper security and auditing arrangemen... Read more

Collections, sponsorship and selling of goods policy

Collections, sponsorship and selling of goods policyUse our policy to ensure consistency of approach across your organisation when it comes to employee-organised collections to mark events such as birthdays, weddings and retirements. It also covers c... Read more

Adoption leave and pay policy

Adoption leave and pay policyTaking time off for adoption leave is still a relatively rare occurrence but it's worth having a policy to let employees know their entitlements. In most cases, this will be by reference to the statutory rights.Adoption le... Read more

Job-share clause

Job-share clauseIf two employees share a full-time role on a job-share basis, it's worth inserting our job-share clause into both of their contracts of employment. Be aware that if one job sharer leaves, you can't just dismiss the other one.Legal posit... Read more

Restrictions on authority clause

Restrictions on authority clauseOur clause ensures that an employee is aware of the restrictions on their authority, particularly when it comes to entering into contracts with third parties and hiring and firing staff. It's useful to have in contracts... Read more
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