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Outside business interests clause

Outside business interests clauseUse our outside business interests clause to restrict the ability of an employee to take on other jobs or outside business interests, both during and outside their normal working hours.All work and no playIt's quite re... Read more

Whistleblowing policy

Whistleblowing policyA whistleblowing policy statement will provide your employees with a route for them to raise qualifying disclosures under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998. Without it, you might find that the employee runs straight to the ... Read more

Dignity at work policy

Dignity at work policyYou're not legally obliged to put in place a dignity at work policy. However, harassment on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation are all unlawful and implementi... Read more

Bonus payment clause

Bonus payment clauseOnly include a bonus payment clause in your contract of employment if you actually intend to pay a bonus to the particular employee. It's also always safer to make bonus payments discretionary rather than contractual entitlements, ... Read more

Dress and appearance policy

Dress and appearance policyYou will no doubt want your employees to dress appropriately to project a good image for your business. Whatever dress code you adopt, it must not be unreasonable or place unnecessarily restrictive demands on your employees... Read more

Reimbursement of expenses policy

Reimbursement of expenses policy Use our reimbursement of expenses policy statement to set out your rules on expenses. Make sure you're as unambiguous and comprehensive as possible to avoid abuse and prevent confusion by your staff on when they can in... Read more

Shared parental leave and pay policy

Shared parental leave and pay policyOur policy statement sets out the statutory rules relating to shared parental leave and pay. It ensures employees fully understand their rights, as well as their obligations, in relation to ending their maternity o... Read more

Intellectual property clause

Intellectual property clauseAn intellectual property clause is particularly useful where, for example, employees design software programs, perform development work in laboratories, invent things or write articles, books, plays, etc. However, you are ... Read more

Garden leave clause

Garden leave clauseA garden leave clause enables you to place an employee on leave during the notice period following either their resignation or dismissal with notice. It is used as an alternative to the employee working out their notice period or p... Read more

Appraisal policy

Appraisal policyOur appraisal policy will assist you in setting out your approach to appraising your staff on an annual basis. This should be a formal evaluation when a review of an employee's past performance takes place and an action plan is agreed ... Read more
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