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Introduction to this document

Safety briefing - safety signs

This briefing explains how safety signs are used to create awareness and change attitudes in the workplace. Its aim is to ensure that all staff can understand safety signs and act appropriately.

What’s covered?

The aim of this Safety Briefing - Safety Signs is to help staff understand the different types of signs they may come across in a workplace. These include illuminated signs, hand and acoustic signals, e.g. fire alarms, spoken communication and the marking of pipework containing dangerous substances. These are in addition to traditional signboards such as prohibition, warning and fire safety.

Key points

Attendees must take note of the following key points:


  • Existing law already requires suitable illuminated signs and acoustic signals to be used where necessary.
  • Dangerous locations, e.g. where people may slip, fall from height, where there is low headroom and traffic routes, may need to be marked.