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Introduction to this document

Safety briefing - using a mobile elevating working platform

This briefing addresses the key risks and control measures needed to manage the use of mobile elevating working platforms (MEWPs) in the workplace.

What’s covered?

The aim of this Safety Briefing - Using a Mobile Elevating Working Platform is to ensure that all staff are fully aware of the potential risks; what can happen if MEWPs are used incorrectly and what should be done to minimise the chances of an accident.

Hazards and risks

The briefing identifies the hazards and risks including overturning resulting in falling operatives or materials.


Control measures include selecting the right equipment for the job, using the platform on firm and level ground and not exceeding safe working loads.

Key points

Attendees must take note of the following key points:

  • MEWPs are useful pieces of plant when used properly. However, because they combine height with mobility they can be extremely dangerous if misused.
  • Prevent people from falling, or the MEWP overturning, by selecting the correct platform for the job and ensuring it is on level ground.
  • Be aware of obstructions - overhead and in restricted areas.
  • To prevent items falling from a MEWP, tools and materials should be secured.
  • Only trained operatives should be allowed on the platform.