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Introduction to this document

Safety briefing - Safety footwear

If the correct footwear is not worn, accidents which would otherwise cause little harm could result in serious injury. Use our briefing to ensure that your staff understand your safety rules and the reasons behind them.

Fulfilling your legal obligations

Where there is a risk of a foot injury, health and safety legislation requires that safety footwear is issued and worn. Most businesses whose staff carry out practical work will have such a policy, including the wearing of safety boots or shoes where necessary. Our document Safety Briefing - Safety Footwear can be used to support your safety rules. It’s a training tool which your supervisors can deliver to inform staff of workplace risks and the importance of wearing the correct footwear.

Once you’ve tailored the briefing to suit your own needs, use it as a reminder to staff, e.g. when they are issued with safety shoes or boots, during team meetings or following an accident. We recommend that you keep a record of those who attended, who delivered it and the date.