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Cleaning of food preparation areas

Safety briefing - cleaning of food preparation areasIf you prepare or serve food, you'll need to ensure that staff are briefed in the requirements for cleaning surfaces and avoiding contamination. Use our briefing to do this.Good businessHaving clean ... Read more

Accident reporting

Safety briefing - accident reportingThis briefing addresses accident reporting. Its aim is to explain why accidents should be reported, who to report them to and how and what records should be kept.What's covered?The Safety Briefing - Accident Reporti... Read more

Storing and disposing of waste

Safety briefing - storing and disposing of wasteMoving waste out of the kitchen and into tidy and clean storage areas is essential to the hygiene of your food business but your efforts can be easily undone if staff don't follow your rules. Use our bri... Read more

Accepting food deliveries

Safety briefing - accepting food deliveriesWhen unsafe food arrives in a delivery, such as chilled food which is too warm, it will prevent all sorts of problems if your staff confidently reject it. Use our briefing to help them do this.What's covered?... Read more

Storing food

Safety briefing - storing foodThe correct and safe storage of food in your business is a relatively simple process, but is reliant on staff following your procedures. Use our document to explain what's required.How to use itOur Safety Briefing - Stori... Read more

Food pests and controls

Safety briefing - food pests and controlsWhen you operate a food business you need all your staff to be on board with your food safety arrangements. Our briefing spells out the importance of controlling food pests. Briefing and quizThe Safety Briefin... Read more

Personal hygiene and food

Safety briefing - personal hygiene and foodThis briefing addresses the key risks and control measures associated with personal hygiene when working with food.What's covered?The aim of this Safety Briefing - Personal Hygiene and Food is to ensure that ... Read more

Delivery drivers

Safety briefing - delivery driversStaff who spend more time on the road than on your premises need to receive health and safety training which covers relevant precautions including the latest coronavirus measures. On the roadDelivery staff spend the ... Read more

Tradespeople visiting homes

Safety briefing - tradespeople visiting homesWhen maintenance work is carried out in domestic properties workers must take precautions to deal with various hazards. Use our briefing to control the risks.Mobile staffFor those who carry out internal wo... Read more

Manual pallet trucks

Safety briefing - manual pallet trucksWhilst pallet trucks help to reduce manual handling risks in the workplace, they introduce other hazards. Use our safety briefing to instruct staff in your safe systems of work.How to use itOur Safety Briefing - ... Read more
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