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Introduction to this document

Safety briefing - master

A short safety briefing is the perfect way to reaffirm important messages and to raise awareness. Use our document to create your own. 

A suitable reminder

Before your staff undertake jobs that could have significant health and safety risks associated with them, in most instances they will have completed detailed training that will help them to do the job safely. However, if your staff aren’t given a gentle reminder now and then, chances are they may choose to ignore their training and unsafe practices will creep in.


To ensure that your staff stay on-track, you should complete regular safety briefings. These help you to remind staff what they should be doing. And, more importantly, what practices should be avoided at all costs.

In time

Over the coming months, we will be producing an updated set of safety briefings. These will cover generic tasks, such as manual handling, work at height and much more. In addition to covering the basics, you may wish to produce something more bespoke. To enable you to do this, we have produced a Safety Briefing - Master document.