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Introduction to this document

Safety briefing for event marshals

When organising an event such as an exhibition or conference you’ll need to appoint staff to act as marshals. To ensure that they understand their role, use our safety briefing.

Key staff

Event marshals play a pivotal role. During an event they may be concerned with access control, crowd management, security, traffic management and executing emergency procedures.

A less obvious part of the job arises during the set up and dismantling phases when you may need marshals to supervise or co-ordinate the different companies involved.

Our Safety Briefing for Event Marshals is designed to make staff aware of the risks to themselves and others. It should also ensure that they understand emergency procedures.

Note. Each event safety briefing must be specific to the event type and venue, so you’ll need to tailor our document each time. We’ve included spaces for you to do this with instructions in italics.