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Introduction to this document

Safety briefing - fire safety awareness

Use our briefing to provide regular instruction to your staff on their fire safety obligations and to remind them of your fire procedures.

Comply with the law

Under fire safety legislation, staff must be provided with training in fire procedures and preventative measures. This training must take place when they start work and repeated periodically. Exactly how often you repeat it should be spelled out in your fire risk assessment, the usual frequency being annual. This training is in addition to your fire drills.

What’s covered?

Our Safety Briefing - Fire Safety Awareness is designed to make the task as easy as possible. The document provides a two-page summary of the key points to cover, including fire prevention, fire control measures and emergency procedures.

Apart from helping you to comply with the law, using the briefing will also ensure that staff have a clear understanding of your expectations on important rules such as not storing combustible materials on escape routes and adhering to smoking restrictions.

Make sure that you tailor the briefing before you start, particularly those parts shown in italics.