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Introduction to this document

Work equipment - safe system of work - fork lift truck

If your staff operate a fork lift truck, it’s vital that both parties agree the safe systems of work to be followed at all times. Use our document to complete this process. 

Legal position

As an employer you are required to provide basic training and testing for all lift-truck operators you employ (both new and existing). In most instances, this is provided by an external training body, or by an individual who is qualified to train others.

Next stage

Once you have trained your operator, use our new Work Equipment - Safe System of Work - Fork Lift Truck document to set out how you expect the machine to be operated on your premises.

Note. This process is certainly not a replacement for basic training but should be completed in addition to it.

Sign off

The person being briefed and the trainer should sign to state that both parties have agreed the safe systems of work and that they will be followed at all times. A copy of the document should be held by both parties.