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Safe system of work - tradespeople visiting homes

Work in domestic properties involves a wide range of health and safety considerations. Use our safe system of work document to set out your procedures.

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Our Safe System of Work - Tradespeople Visiting Homes describes the main hazards staff are likely to face, risk control measures including PPE, and a list of key instructions to follow. It provides workers with a clear procedure to follow from arrival on the doorstep through to leaving the premises. In addition to hygiene precautions our document covers common health and safety risks encountered such as work at height and household pets.

Use our document as a record of your safety procedure, in support of staff training sessions and as evidence to larger clients that you have the risks under control.

Note. This template procedure is designed to cover a broad range of scenarios. Before using it ensure that it covers any specific hazards and types of work activity by adding text as needed. You should also remove any parts which are not applicable to your operations.