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Introduction to this document

Safe system of work - car park traffic marshalling

If you’re responsible for a busy car park which is supervised by marshals, you have a duty to make sure your staff are safe. Our document will ensure they have a good understanding of the safe systems of work to be followed.

On the move

Our Safe System of Work - Car Park Traffic Marshalling begins with a section on equipment and manuals. Insert photographs of the car park and cross reference your risk assessments. There are three main tables: instructions for the workers to follow, the key hazards associated with the task and the control measures to reduce them, and the necessary personal protective equipment. We’ve pre-filled these with suggested text ready for you to tailor to your own needs. Be sure to include a plan of the car park in the space provided, showing the places where marshals can safely stand. At the end of the document there are two separate areas to be signed off for the trainee and the trainer.