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Introduction to this document

Method statement - brickwork

If you’re managing a brickwork job, you need to make sure that those involved are safe. However, you don’t need overly long or complex paperwork to achieve this.

Clear guidance

This method statement specifies the activities to be undertaken on a stage-by-stage basis. It also details the precautions necessary to protect those involved in the work, including other contractors, members of the public and anyone else who may be affected. It identifies how to create a safe workplace, setting out the equipment that may be needed for the task and guidance on how laying bricks should be completed

Note. You may want to add additional information/boxes to your form. However, we suggest that you don’t remove anything we’ve included because it follows industry standards and covers all the necessary information.


The first part of the document provides space to identify what tasks are to be completed, equipment needed, plus your emergency and site-specific arrangements. Next, there are 18 “Key instructions”. These bullet points break the task down and identify how you expect the work to be completed safely.


The next part of the form is effectively a risk assessment. Here we’ve identified the “Key hazards” such as skin burns, manual handling etc. and how these risks should be managed effectively. Next, the form states which items of PPE should be worn and when. The last sections of the form are to be used as a sign off/training register.