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Introduction to this document

Risk assessment - trees

If you have mature trees on your land, you must consider the hazards they introduce and manage the risk. To help you we’ve produced an example risk assessment. What’s covered?

Assessing your trees

Fortunately, trees don’t often cause accidents, but rather than leave it to chance you should take some sensible precautions.

Our example risk assessment considers the issues of ageing and damaged trees; encroaching roots and branches; and undertaking tree work. It’s a relatively simple task to check that the text fits your own scenario, make any amendments and sign it off. You should then implement the recommendations to minimise the risk of accidents, including a tree inspection programme and routine maintenance by trained workers.

Is this legally required?

Risk assessments are required of all employers under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, and if you have five or more employees, the assessments must be put in writing.

In any case having a comprehensive risk assessment helps to protect you from claims if, despite your best efforts, there’s an accident or someone’s property is damaged.