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Introduction to this document

Risk assessment - serving and preparing deli food and drink

If your staff prepare and serve deli food and drink, you need to identify basic systems of work to keep them safe. Our sample risk assessment identifies the hazards and how to manage them.

Safe systems of work

Making hot drinks and sandwiches aren’t the most dangerous tasks; however, in a commercial environment there are risks which need to be managed. Our Risk Assessment - Serving and Preparing Deli Food and Drink can be used for this purpose.

What’s covered?

It covers all the activities which are likely to be involved in preparing and serving cold food products. There are six columns: “Activity”; “Person at risk”; “Significant hazards”; “Risk”; “Risk control measures”; and “Residual risk”.

As with our other risk assessments, it identifies what staff are likely to do, the associated hazards, the level of risk and, most importantly, what control measures need to be followed to reduce the risk. Finally, the risk level is recalculated to identify how dangerous it is when the control measures are followed.