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Cleaning business premises

Cleaning business premisesA good standard of cleaning protects all building users from hygiene hazards. Our risk assessment will help to ensure that your cleaning staff are protected while carrying out this essential work.The risks of cleaning workOu... Read more

Coronavirus risk assessment

Coronavirus risk assessmentIt's vital that you take reasonable steps to prevent staff from being exposed to coronavirus. Our risk assessment identifies the hazards and appropriate control measures to follow. PurposeOur Coronavirus Risk Assessment, in ... Read more

Stockroom operations

Risk assessment - stockroom operationsBadly organised stockrooms can easily become a fire trap and increase the risk of slipping and tripping. Use our template risk assessment to manage these issues.Control measuresTo ensure all significant risks and... Read more

Display screen equipment - workstation assessment

Display screen equipment (DSE) - workstation assessmentWhenever a new employee starts working with you or there are significant changes to the working environment, you should undertake a workstation assessment. You should also do this if an employee ... Read more

Use of stepladders

Risk assessment - use of stepladdersStepladder accidents may involve falling from height, resulting in serious injuries and even death.Managing the risksTo help you identify the hazards associated with stepladders and the appropriate ways of controll... Read more

Use of ladders

Risk assessment - use of ladders Using ladders in the workplace can be dangerous. Accidents may involve falling from height, resulting in serious injuries and even death. Managing the risksTo help you identify the hazards associated with ladders and... Read more

COSHH/DSEAR assessment record

COSHH/DSEAR assessment recordIf you use hazardous or dangerous substances, or create them as by-products of your processes, then you need to undertake a specific type of risk assessment. Our record has been created for that purpose.How to use the form... Read more

Working in loading and unloading areas

Working in loading and unloading areasWorking in loading and unloading areas may present risks to staff and others. So use our document to help you identify the hazards and appropriate control measures.Managing the risksTo help you identify the haza... Read more

COSHH/DSEAR assessment - concrete

COSHH/DSEAR assessment - concreteIf employees work with concrete you will need to assess the risks and decide how it can be done safely. Use our example COSHH/ DSEAR assessment to do this.Careful selectionThe handling of concrete involves risks to heal... Read more

Risk assessment training record

Risk assessment training recordIt's vital that your staff are trained on your risk assessments and know what's expected of them. You can record this process on our document.What's covered?An employer's legal duty regarding risk assessments doesn't stop at... Read more
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