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Use of ladders

Risk assessment - use of ladders Using ladders in the workplace can be dangerous. Accidents may involve falling from height, resulting in serious injuries and even death. Managing the risks To help you identify the hazards associated with ladders a... Read more

COSHH/DSEAR assessment record

If you use hazardous or dangerous substances, or create them as by-products of your processes, then you need to undertake a specific type of risk assessment. Our record has been created for that purpose. How to use the form Before starting ensure tha... Read more

Working in loading and unloading areas

Working in loading and unloading areas Working in loading and unloading areas may present risks to staff and others. So use our document to help you identify the hazards and appropriate control measures. Managing the risks To help you identify the h... Read more

COSHH/DSEAR assessment - concrete

If employees work with concrete you will need to assess the risks and decide how it can be done safely. Use our example COSHH/ DSEAR assessment to do this. Careful selection The handling of concrete involves risks to health at all stages including whe... Read more

Risk assessment training record

Risk assessment training record It's vital that your staff are trained on your risk assessments and know what's expected of them. You can record this process on our document. What's covered? An employer's legal duty regarding risk assessments doesn't stop... Read more

Machinery maintenance

Machinery maintenance Maintaining machinery can be a hazardous activity. For example, contact could be made from moving parts as safety guards may have been removed. Left unmanaged, this could cause accidents and potentially put you on the wrong side... Read more


Risk assessment - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) If you serve food that's not fit for consumption, the results could be disastrous. Being suspected of food poisoning is hardly the best advertisement! However, doing so is easily avoida... Read more

Use and storage of petrol

Use and storage of petrol Petrol is a highly flammable substance and as such should be handled, used and stored with great care. Managing the risks To help you identify the hazards and the appropriate ways of controlling them, use our example Risk As... Read more


Risk assessment - fireworks Luckily, the fun police haven't completely ruled out the possibility of hosting a firework party for your staff. But if you want to hold one, how do you control the risks? Our template risk assessment will help. Preparatio... Read more

School sports

Risk assessment - school sports It's vital that school sports are organised so that the likelihood of injury to staff and pupils is minimised. Failing to do so could potentially put you on the wrong side of the law. Managing the risks To help you iden... Read more
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