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Working out of hours

Working out of hoursWorking outside of the normal working hours may present risks to staff, which left unmanaged, could cause accidents and potentially put you on the wrong side of the law.Managing the risksTo help you identify the hazards associated... Read more

Office manual handling

Risk assessment - office manual handlingMoving boxes of paper, water bottle refills and other small loads is an everyday task in most offices. Our ready-made risk assessment outlines some sensible precautions to avoid injuries. Manual handling assess... Read more

Loading goods into cars

Loading goods into carsLoading the boot of a car or other vehicle is a task regularly carried out but seldom thought through - even though there are potential manual handling risks associated with it. Loading upWhether it is the "on the road" office, e... Read more

Unblocking drains and pipes

Unblocking drains and pipesUnblocking drains and pipes can be a hazardous activity for those carrying out such work. These risks will exist whether you are unblocking drains and pipes by hand rodding, using high-pressure water jetting or even pipewor... Read more


Risk assessment - treesIf you have mature trees on your land, you must consider the hazards they introduce and manage the risk. To help you we've produced an example risk assessment. What's covered?Assessing your treesFortunately, trees don't often caus... Read more

External areas

Risk assessment - External areasIf you have external areas under your control, you will need to make sure that they're risk assessed. Our document will get you started.What's covered?We've identified some key considerations to take into account when ris... Read more

Clearing up after a flood

Risk assessment - clearing up after a floodFollowing a flood, the clean up exercise can be hazardous. With this in mind, we have prepared a risk assessment that identifies how to get your premises back in order safely. What to do?If your business has... Read more

Floor and wall tiling

Risk assessment - floor and wall tilingIf your staff are involved in floor or wall tiling, then you'll need to assess the risks involved. To give you a head start why not use our template document?What's covered?Our example risk assessment covers the c... Read more

Safe use of angle grinders-cutters

Safe use of angle grinders/cutters Angle grinders/cutters etc. appear simple to use. However, used incorrectly and with the wrong type of cutting or grinding disc and accidents may result.Managing the risksTo help you identify the hazards associated wi... Read more

COSHH/DSEAR assessment - metalworking fluids

COSHH/DSEAR assessment - metalworking fluidsTo comply with your legal duties as defined in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (as amended) 2002 (COSHH), if you use hazardous substances in your workplace, you must complete a risk... Read more
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