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Introduction to this document

Risk assessment - small conferences and seminars

Whether you’re organising a conference or seminar for staff or for external delegates, you need to assess and control the risks. Our sample risk assessment will give you a head start.

When to use it

This risk assessment has been designed to cover the most common activities associated with a small conference or seminar, i.e. one accommodating no more than a few hundred delegates.

These events might seem quite low risk on the face of it, but when you think a little deeper there are a number of hazards which need to be addressed.

What’s covered?

The assessment includes several sections covering:

  • emergency planning - fire, first aid and other emergencies
  • catering
  • electrical equipment
  • displaying banners and posters
  • arranging furniture, displays and materials
  • access/egress to/from the venue.

You can use it for a group of events or for individual ones. Tailor it to reflect the activities involved and add any venue or company-specific issues.