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Attendance at external events

Attendance at external eventsMany companies arrange external events for their employees for a number of different reasons - to enhance training skills, encourage "team building" or as a means of collective reward etc. Managing the risksTo help you iden... Read more

Risk assessment - guidance

Risk assessment - guidanceCompleting a risk assessment on a task, a chemical or location can be a daunting prospect. To make things simpler, use our guidance document that identifies which document to use and helps you through the process. Important ... Read more

Using, collecting and disposing of sharps

Risk assessment - using, collecting and disposing of sharpsHandling and disposing of sharps can present risks to staff which, left unmanaged, could cause accidents and potentially put you on the wrong side of the law.Managing the risksTo help you ide... Read more

First aid requirements

First aid requirementsEmployers are legally obliged to provide first aid facilities in the workplace (Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981). A failure to do so will potentially put you on the wrong side of the law.Managing the risksTo help... Read more

Risk assessment - blank

Risk assessment - blankAlthough carrying out risk assessments is a legal requirement, it can be confusing for those unaware of what's really required. To help you complete the process use our blank form.Risk managementUnder the Management of Health an... Read more

Young persons on work experience

Young persons on work experienceIf you take young people, i.e. under 18s, on work experience placements, then you'll need to carry out a risk assessment. Ours will get you started.Why you need our documentThe Management of Health and Safety at Work Re... Read more

Pregnant staff

Pregnant staff  There are specific risks and hazards present in the working environment that may affect women that are either pregnant or of childbearing age.Managing the risks To help you identify the hazards and appropriate ways of controlling the... Read more

Risk assessment management checklist

Risk assessment management checklistContrary to popular belief, the risk assessment process is not a one-off event. It's something that must be monitored and managed constantly. To ensure that you stay in control, use our Risk Assessment Management Ch... Read more
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