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Letter to discuss end of apprenticeship

Letter to discuss end of apprenticeshipWhere an apprentice's apprenticeship is due to end in the next few months, you should start by arranging an informal meeting with them to discuss various practical issues and both parties' intentions.Fixed-term co... Read more

Letter to employee on retirement

Letter to employee on retirementWhen an employee is about to retire, it's good practice to formally convey your best wishes for their retirement and at the same time you can deal with any outstanding matters.A fast-approaching retirement dateWhen an e... Read more

Response to ex-employee's grievance

Response to ex-employee's grievanceIf a former employee raises a grievance, legally you don't have to deal with it, but that doesn't mean it's safe to ignore it. Use our letter to reply.No legal obligationWhilst you must deal with written grievances rais... Read more

Letter confirming medical report application

Letter confirming medical report applicationWhere you request a medical report on an employee, they have some key rights where that report is being provided by their own doctor. Once they've given their consent to the report, use our letter to confirm... Read more

First redundancy consultation letter

First redundancy consultation letterRedundancy law is much more complex than paying an employee off. There must be a genuine redundancy situation and you must treat the employee fairly in the procedure you use prior to the dismissal decision being ta... Read more

Second redundancy consultation letter

Second redundancy consultation letterWhen contemplating making an employee redundant, you will first need to enter into a period of individual consultation, which will involve arranging a series of meetings with the employee to discuss your proposal ... Read more

Dignity at work policy

Dignity at work policyYou're not legally obliged to put in place a dignity at work policy. However, harassment on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation are all unlawful and implementi... Read more

Equal opportunities training record

Equal opportunities training recordThere's no legal requirement to have an equal opportunities and dignity at work policy or to train your staff on the topic, but we recommend you do both because it can afford you an important defence against a claim ... Read more

Letter to new employer enforcing restrictive covenants

Letter to new employer enforcing restrictive covenantsWhere you believe an ex-employee is in breach of restrictive covenants, you might consider taking legal action. You may also have a claim against their new employer. Our letter informs an ex-emplo... Read more

Flow chart - health checks at recruitment

Flow chart - health checks at recruitmentWhen recruiting new staff you will often want to check that they're fit for the job. But you need to be very cautious to avoid discrimination. Use our flow chart to keep on track.Careful selectionChecking that ... Read more
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