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Offer of alternative work

Offer of alternative workUse our form to offer alternative employment to an employee whose job has been identified as redundant. This is an essential part of a fair consultation procedure, assuming, of course, that there is alternative work available... Read more


Risk assessment - playgroundPlaygrounds are places for children to take risks, but in a controlled way. Carrying out a risk assessment of these areas is therefore imperative. Use our example document to produce your own.How does it work?Risk assessme... Read more

Coronavirus risk assessment

Coronavirus risk assessmentIt's vital that you take reasonable steps to prevent staff from being exposed to coronavirus. Our risk assessment identifies the hazards and appropriate control measures to follow. PurposeOur Coronavirus Risk Assessment, in ... Read more

GDPR data subject access response letter

GDPR data subject access response letterUse our GDPR data subject access response letter to set out your reply to a data subject access request that's been made under the UK GDPR.Response requirementsThe UK GDPR enables individuals to access the perso... Read more

Meeting to discuss varying contract terms

Meeting to discuss varying contract termsWhere you're proposing to obtain an employee's express consent to vary the terms of their employment contract, kick the process off with our letter.Consultation is keyWhere you wish to make a permanent change to... Read more

Letter appointing a grievance investigation manager

Letter appointing a grievance investigation managerWhere an employee raises a formal grievance, you may need to appoint a manager to conduct an investigation, the purpose of which is to ascertain whether the employee's complaints may be well founded.R... Read more

Offer of re-employment to redundant ex-employee

Offer of re-employment to redundant ex-employeeIf you were forced to make redundancies during an economic downturn, but now business has improved and you need to re-hire, use our letter to offer a redundant employee either their job back or a similar... Read more

Information and consultation flow chart

Information and consultation flow chartThis flow chart highlights the various situations where you may be legally obliged to inform and consult with a variety of employee representatives.   Overview of main obligationsHealth and safety: You must co... Read more

Change of paternity leave request

Change of paternity leave requestAn employee can vary their chosen paternity leave start date, but they must give you appropriate notice. You can also require the variation notice to be in writing, so you can provide our form for this purpose. Chang... Read more

GDPR data subject access clarification/refusal

GDPR data subject access clarification/refusalBefore responding to a data subject access request, the UK GDPR says that you can use reasonable means to verify the individual's identity, or you can ask them to be more specific about the data sought wher... Read more
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