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Fixed-term contract clause

Fixed-term contract clauseWhen you wish to set up a fixed-term contract with an employee that's to come to an end on a specified date or when a specific project or task is completed, you will need to insert a clause into their written statement of emp... Read more

Listening to music policy

Listening to music policyOur policy prohibits staff from listening to music at work without your prior permission, whether this is personally or publicly. You'll need a public performance licence, called TheMusicLicence, if you permit music to be play... Read more

Leaves of absence policy

Leaves of absence policyIn addition to annual leave, sickness absence and the various statutory rights to time off (for example, maternity leave, parental leave, paternity leave, time off for dependants, etc.), employees might ask to take time off wo... Read more

Fire safety management - routine tasks

Fire safety management - routine tasksWhen putting together a planned preventive maintenance schedule for a property you must include essential fire safety tasks. Our summary document will help with this. What's covered?Duty of careWhatever your premi... Read more

Asbestos management plan

Asbestos management planThose responsible for managing premises have a duty to protect staff and others from asbestos risks. Use our management plan template to show how you're going to do this.When it's neededUnder the Control of Asbestos Regulations ... Read more

Flow chart - when a risk assessment is needed

Flow chart - when a risk assessment is neededThe process of carrying out risk assessments is relatively simple, but our flow chart will help ensure that you have enough documents to cover the right areas.How does it work?If you have five or more empl... Read more

Project health and safety diary

Project health and safety diaryMaintaining a project diary can help to you to keep on top of compliance issues and more. TimelineThe Project Health and Safety Diary can be used to record brief details of any significant events and be kept on file for... Read more

Food handlers return to work following sickness form

Food handler's return to work following sickness formThose who handle food should not continue with their duties while there is a risk of contamination. Use our form to ensure that employees are fit to return to work following sickness.Why is this nec... Read more

Safe system of work - car park traffic marshalling

Safe system of work - car park traffic marshallingIf you're responsible for a busy car park which is supervised by marshals, you have a duty to make sure your staff are safe. Our document will ensure they have a good understanding of the safe systems ... Read more

Extension of flexible working decision period

Extension of flexible working decision periodWhen an employee applies for flexible working, normally you must notify them of your decision within three months. However, you can agree with them to extend that period and use our letter to confirm this ... Read more
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