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Reply to request to carry over holiday

Reply to request to carry over holidayOur letter exceptionally approves the carrying over of some of the employee's unused annual leave entitlement from one holiday year to the next. Holidays policy provisionsOur Holidays Policy is clear that employee... Read more

Notice of birth for paternity leave

Notice of birth for paternity leaveAs well as giving notice to request paternity leave, employees must give a further notice confirming the date on which the child was born or placed for adoption. Use our notice to make it easy for them to do this.No... Read more

GDPR data protection policy

GDPR data protection policyOur data protection policy statement reiterates the important data protection principles set out in the GDPR, outlines out how you intend to comply with them and clarifies what rights and obligations an employee has both in... Read more

Medical and dental appointments policy

Medical and dental appointments policyUse our medical and dental appointments policy to set your rules on time off work to attend health-related appointments. Special rules apply to antenatal appointments and you need to take care with disabled emplo... Read more

Equal opportunities policy

Equal opportunities policyThere's no specific legal requirement for you to have an equal opportunities policy. However, discrimination because of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, reli... Read more

Leaves of absence policy

Leaves of absence policyIn addition to annual leave, sickness absence and the various statutory rights to time off (for example, maternity leave, parental leave, paternity leave, time off for dependants, etc.), employees might ask to take time off wo... Read more

Director's service agreement

Director's service agreementAny director who is also an employee of the company should always be given a service contract. As well as ensuring there are no arguments over their status it should also minimise the possibility of any other misunderstandi... Read more

Other benefits in kind clause

Other benefits in kind clauseOur benefits in kind clause specifically covers private medical and permanent health insurance, pension schemes and life assurance, as these are the most common benefits after company cars. However, you can also include a... Read more

Employee contract pay in lieu of notice clause

Employee contract pay in lieu of notice clauseIn the absence of an express payment in lieu of notice clause, you don't have the contractual right to terminate employment summarily upon making such a payment. This doesn't mean you can't do it, but you do... Read more

Public statements clause

Public statements clauseIf you're concerned about employees giving interviews to or writing articles to be published in the media, or about ex-employees making disparaging statements to the media once they've left employment, insert our public statemen... Read more
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