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Ventilation checklist - local exhaust extraction

Ventilation checklist - local exhaust extractionYou may not think about ventilation until staff complain that it's too hot or cold. So why not check on its effectiveness between maintenance checks? Our checklist is designed to help you do this.Making ... Read more

Housekeeping checklist

Housekeeping checklistWhilst good housekeeping is important and conveys the right image to clients, it makes sense for a business with only a few offices to have an all-in-one checklist. Ours should get you on the right track.Good housekeepingHouseke... Read more

Procedure for using mobile access towers

Procedure for using mobile access towersWhilst mobile access towers are safer to use than ladders, their incorrect set-up and use can lead to death and serious injury. For this reason, consider using our procedure as a means of training users in how ... Read more

Guidance note - types of environmental management system

Guidance note - types of environmental management systemIf you're considering formalising the way you manage environmental issues by implementing one of the many formal management systems, which one should you go for? It's a choice that should not be m... Read more

Guide to material safety data sheets

Guide to safety data sheetsSafety data sheets provide vital information on how to use chemicals safely. However, if you need help in understanding how to get the most from this information, our easy-to-use guide can help.Material safety data sheetsIn... Read more

Chemical inventory sheet

Chemical inventory sheetAs part of good risk management, it's vital to know what chemicals you have stored on your premises and where. One easy way of doing this is to use a chemical inventory sheet.Chemical inventory sheetIf you use hazardous or larg... Read more

Guidance note - selection and management of waste contractors

Guidance note - selection and management of waste contractorsAlthough the Environment Agency, Defra and the local authorities are doing their best to remove the cowboys from the waste business, unfortunately, many still exist. To help you to avoid th... Read more

Working time regulations policy

Working Time Regulations policyAdult workers cannot be forced to work for more than 48 hours a week on average, although they can voluntarily agree to work more than this. Our Working Time Regulations Policy statement aims to ensure that you comply w... Read more

Develop and deliver effective fire training

Develop and deliver effective fire trainingCreating, developing and delivering your own fire safety training can be a daunting task. Although we have already provided the material to use, you may need a little help in putting the training session tog... Read more

Ladder checklist

Ladder checklistMany accidents occur because users don't check the condition of the ladder first, or fail to make checks after repairs have been made. In order to reduce these risks, get your staff into the habit of checking equipment first.Ladder che... Read more
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